Friday, February 2, 2007

the weekend

Well here it is, the weekend! yippee! Its been a long week, but here it is Feb 2 and it's only one week away from the much anticipated arrival of the self proclaimed Philippine correspondent Martha Sue, AKA Babe,mother,wife,moma,mom,Masha,angel,love,lover,pookey,tilly,sister,suzan,Mrs castanza,and princess. Wow, that's a lot, and I know that I'm missing some, lol.

We are really excited about seeing her, she has never been gone from me for this long a time before. The girls are very excited about having her home again. They aren't even concerned if she has bought them anything or not, but I'm sure that will change when she gets home and starts unpacking.

The girls have been doing a lot to keep them self's busy since Sue has left. The weekdays are pretty much the same except that they have swimming on Monday nights and they help me keep up with the house every couple of days. They play their DS's alot and I had to put a time limit on them, they can only have them 1hr a day now.(yea it was way more then that before). On the weekends they have had friends over (every weekend) the first weekend sue was gone i had 4 kids for the weekend. After that its only been one extra kid on the weekends. K is having a friend tomorrow night, she is very excited. a couple of weekends ago we went sliding at Mactaquac park, it was fun but we only went down about half a dozen times, the hill is so big and it was really windy and cold up there. Anyway, were finding things to do.

Have a good weekend everyone. Oh yea, don't bother going to the market for Samosa's that aren't any! :(. T tells me that they are gone from her school now too! so I can't even get them there. :(


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"The real" MarthaSue said...

aka *bitch* and a slew of other identities...LOL

I cannot wait to come home - it's a definite countdown!