Wednesday, January 31, 2007


No post today... But I thought you should see what is happening here befor you come home! I'm not happy about this either! OMG, what are they thinking. read the following link. What will fredericton be without the following


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Red light District

So Susan do you remember in your January 10Th issue of "Martha Sue in Asia"? You clearly stated, (quote) "I've seen no strip clubs, porn magazines or anything to do with the sex trade". Well let me tell you. I was watching this show last night called "red light district" ( I just happened to stumble across it or course) (It's a show that tells you about the night life in different cities). They were doing Manila (no pun intended) Anyway, have you ever heard of the famous Burgot St? apparently it doesn't sleep and there are plenty of bars and strip clubs. Not to mention the hookers, you can even go to these places and get a nooner! They also mentioned a famous place called "Edsa Entertainment center" ( lets just say there is plenty of Asian entertainment)! I also looked on the Internet to find out more. there were things that would scar you about the sex trade there. Lets just say I'm happy to be Canadian. We really don't know how lucky we are to have what we have. And we really do take our lifestyles for granite. (Holly these trips are eye openers ) Wouldn't it be great if our kids could get to see some of these places ( not the sex districts) but just the cultures, and see how big or small the world is, and how diverse the it is?

Friday, January 26, 2007


Well it is certainly chilly out today. I think its supposed to get warmer out tomorrow though. Its supposed to go up to about -26, I'm looking forward to it, because its been so cold that it will be nice it get a warmer day:)

So, what is new??.. well that cat (Vanilla) and I are no longer speaking to each other. As you know he pissed on the couch. they say that cats don't like change, and the only change we have has is Sue gone. Oh yea, and his kitty litter box is facing down the hall rather then up the hall.( I guess that is what made him do it) Damn fussy cat. He looks at me, I gr awl at him and he know to run. Oh yea Sue, did you say that they heat cats over in the Philippines? Big plump, juicy, yum yum. Let me know and I'll ship him over.

I finally found Kailie a pair of skates.(I think) Someone on line emailed me and said they have a pair I can buy for her. I have to go pick them up Saturday am. I might go to the market tomorrow morning as well, since it's going to be so warm out. (can you tell I've been enjoying the weather?)

Oh and Susan, do you think your readers are ready for the format change of your Blog? You have a lot of followers. From Manila Philippines, to NB Canada, and have now spread into the western Canada market. You don't want to upset your readers. The paperback (hard copy) of your blog is also really staring to take I was thinking that I may approach you about renting me some space on your blog, so i can possibly sell some products or services. the fan Base if really growing so quickly. I just heard that your receiving more hits then CNN's Anderson Cooper!.

That's all for now.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Games, Games, Games

Ok, so Tara is home again from school. This is the second day now. You know she is sick when -she says home alone from school! Kailie is not over impressed though, she thinks that she should also be able to stay home from school and sleep on the couch.

Oh, speaking of Kailie, I make her play games with me. She plays that Nintendo DS so much; she is driving me crazy with it. So I make her play game. We sometimes play Yahtzee, (I seem to enjoy it much more then her) but she always beats me... Last night I taught her to play Chess. She caught on really fast, I wasn't really surprised though. She has her mother’s brain.

Hope Sue won't be too jet legged when she comes home, because her mom called the other day and said that she only has one can of "caned milk" left. So, you know what that means? Yep- once Sue gets home we need to take a run "across the lines", but I don't think Sue will really mind, they are cut from the same cloth. he he.

Anyway that’s all for now

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days, been kind of busy. Wasn't sure what I was going to write about today, then I remembered the "pamphlet". To the left you will see an Irving pamphlet that was distributed to various Irving customers. I know you can't see it very well, so I circled part of it, to show you where MY name is! That's right! My name is the contact for the Fredericton lube office. My name is in print. I know its no "riding down the side of a volcano on a donkey" but its still an accomplishment damn it! Anyway, just thought I would share that with you.

Um, lets see what else is going on around here exciting. Oh, I'm going to make hot dogs tonight for supper. I might even fry some onions. ( as you can see, not a lot happening) How can I compete with all the exciting things you are doing?? you have eaten cow intestines, rode a pony down a volcano, and not to mention learned to pee standing up. (I don't know how i feel about that one. "my wife stands up to pee") I'm just joking with you dear, I think its amazing what you are doing, and i want you to continue what you are doing.

Anyhow that's all for now

Love ya

Saturday, January 20, 2007

shoveling shoveling shoveling

We woke up this morning to about 9 inces of snow. The kids got ready and went outside to play around in it and attempted to build snow forts. I decided that i should shovel the walk ways and clear the deck off. There was over a foot of snow on the deck because we had more snow earlier in the week. Tara even had vanilla out in it.

Tara made quit a nice snow fort over to the side of the drive way. Kailie decides she would build one too. She shoveled and shoveled and shoveled, finally had a nice big hole dug out of the snow bank at the end of our driveway by the house. Uncle Brian decides to come and clean up the drive way because it snowed over night and their was a bit of snow on the ground even after he plowed yesterday for us. After he is done plowing for us he gets out and we talk for a bit. Just small talk. like so how is Sue doing? We've seen her blog, boys lots of snow. etc, etc. So he backs out of the driveway and leaves. Kaile goes to play in her snow fort that she was worked so hard on , and realizes its been moved back about 15 feet!

Tara has her friend Jessica over today, she is staying the night. I picked her up this afternoon, and we went to Mactaquac sliding. Kailie only went down a couple of times. She went down with Jessica and they wiped out and kailie scraped her face now the hill. She is all good now though. not even a scratch.

I came home dropped of Tara a Jessica, and kailie and I went on a search for skates. She needs them for Monday. (I know , I thought we had a pair too) We have every size except for 5. went to both Salvation army stores, and called Jinglers, and looked int the phone book for places to buy used skates. Either they didn't have any or they were the wrong size. I posted online, and someone may be able to help me. I think I actually know "pickerel man".

Had wraps for supper tonight, and the girls just got done watching a movie. "Material Girls"

oh yea, i stopped in to see your mom and dad this morning and too see if they needed Any shoveling done.

love ya

Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow day #2

Well we had another snow day today! The kids were excited, but it was no surprise. It seems like the schools and a lot of the business pretty much planned the day before that they would be closed for the day. there wasn't that much snow on the ground this morning when we woke up, and they were only calling for 10 cm then change to rain. Its a good thing they closed schools though because I bet we got 8 to 10 inches of snow and no rain yet.

I may go to Mactaquac this weekend, if the snow stays. The kids have been bugging me to go outside with them. They were playing outside a good part of the day today, and came in soaked. They have been waiting for the snow and they love it.

Brian has been plowing the drive way. Thank you Brian. It was all plowed when I came home.

Your mom called me tonight, your dad decided to watch a DVD! She said that he watched the DVD for about 2 hours and now they can't get the TV back on. When she called me they had 4 remotes on the go. TV-DVD-Star choice and VCR. I went as far as i could on the phone with them. I told her that i would come out, but she said no, and that they would watch TV in the dining room, the roads aren't plowed yet. Besides Brian was going there for supper anyway, maybe he could figure it out for them,( codfish gravy YUCK).

Anyway, talk to ya later

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday 1/2 day

Situ a morte, senais pas led Dilly bar que le faih! Tara tells me that she had a dream last night that she was at Crabbe mountain skiing, and the cafeteria lady said the above to her. She said that it mean "if you die its not the dilly bar that killed you". That kid! Anyway just thought I would tell you her dream. So now I don't know if she still wants to go skiing or not. I'm sure she will.

K had a 1/2 day today and T has tutoring after school, ( don't even ask why its after school) its Wednesday, ( well Thursday where you are).

American Idol was on last night for a 2 hour season primer and its on again tonight, I'll try not to cut you short tonight though. lol. You should see all the drama, its too funny. They are crying so hard because Simon didn't like them... well what did they expect? its Simon. I laugh at them so hard. ( do you get American idol over there? probably not eh?)

Did I tell you that Debbie is supposed to drop some more real estate info out to me?
I spoke to someone today, that thinks we could put one up for about 130. I don't know though.

Anyhow. that's all for now. Oh yea, we go to your moms for supper tonight. I pick T up from tutoring after work and then go to your moms. Are you going to call this week?

love ya

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter in NB.

Flurries ending near noon then a mix of sun and cloud. Wind becoming northwest 30 km/h this afternoon. Temperature falling to minus 14 this afternoon. Cold wind chill minus 25.
Clearing early this evening. Wind northwest 30 km/h. Low minus 22. Cold wind chill minus 33.
Sunny. Wind northwest 30 km/h becoming light late in the day. High minus 18. Extreme wind chill minus 35

Holly Crap, -35, you are lucky to be where you are. The above is the front page of The Daily Gleaner

So, remember I bought Tara new winter boots? So she takes out the garbage this morning, wades thorough the snow up to her ankles and comes back in the house. I look down and what is she waring? Her old sneaker!! She said "I can't ware those to school".. Oh the price to being cool.

Kids tells me this morning that i don't make a very good "mother". Oh my dear you are certainly being missed.

anyway, that's all on the home front for now.

Love ya

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shopping Shopping Shopping

So last night we decide to go shopping for boots. I go up to the Regent mall, and the plan is to first go to walmart to price check and then walk all the way down to Sears and check out all the stores in between for the good deals, ( you know how cheap I am). So we go to walmart and check out the boots there, not a bad selection, and all around 30 to 50 dollars. I leave walmart and stop at Fairweater just to see if their are any deals for me. Tara says omg, this place is really expensive. she saw a 100.00 jacket. I tell her that its not expensive Tara, that's ok for a jacket. We then move onto the "Garage", same thing, she goes on to tell me how expensive everything is..( i think to myself, what have we done, She souldn't be so concerned about price at her age). She doesn't even really look around at any of the cloths. But of course Kailie doesn't mind. she wants everything.( did i metion i felt like i was waking into a jr, high sock hop in that store) I finally convince Tara to pick out a sweater at "Bluenotes". We walk all the way down to Sears and back almost to walmart and the mall closes. We still don't have any boots.(I think you are going to have to take the girls shopping, i'm not very good at it)

I get in the Van and tell Tara that we will have to come back tomorrow. I also told her that if she likes any shirts or pants to let me know. she said " i have pant and shirts and i don't want to spend all your money on clothes. ( Good god Susan what have we done). I told her, not to worry about our money, the only money she need to worry about is hers. I told her that we always have money set aside for things we need and that we are never out even if we say we are. I think I got through to her. Maybe she is just as cheap as me!

Anyway, We went back to town today and got a pair of boots right where we started, Walmart" also picked up kailie a sweater at sears.

Tara went to Ashleighs tonight to babysit Emma and her friend. Called me about 1 hour in, because they were freaked out. they could hear footsteps upstairs. they were calling from the closet. ( 2-12 year girls and 2-5 year old girls all in one closet with a portable phone). Tara is almost in tears saying that they hear someone upstairs, walking across the floor. " please come dad please". so i get Kailie in the van and away we go. I get there and they also had Jillians parents there. We think that is was just the cats jumping around up stairs and the kids freaked themselves out.(talk about your cat burglars) Anyway, they are home safe now.

That's all for now.

Love ya

Thursday, January 11, 2007

back on schedule.

Everything went smooth this morning, I didn't even set my alarm last night (by mistake of course) and I still got up at 6:45am. The girls both got up on time and it all went pretty good.

I decided not to make coffee this morning. They were saying on the news last night that Tea is supposed to be really good for you, but only if you don't drink milk with it. So I'm going to give that a try for a while. ( well for this morning anyway) I had green tea, and it wasn't bad. I put it in a clear blue cup though, and it made it look yellow like pee. Oh well.

Tonight is cleaning night, aren't you glad your not hear? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I finally caught up with the laundry. the only dirty cloths in our house right now are the ones we are wearing! I will be throwing lots of socks out. I have about 30 socks that have no mates, I gotta take the last few out of the dryer and see if they match up to any of the odd balls. then the rest are history. OMG I'm boring, I'm actually boring myself right now.

I'll give your mom and dad the rest of your posts, they seem to enjoy them. I'm going there for super tonight. Tara was supposed to find out about tutoring today. she claims that she can just do tutoring at lunch instead of after school. She was supposed to look into it. Anyway nothing new on the home front.

love ya

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Running Late!!!

Well dear we were running late this morning. I really don't know what happened though, because it didn't start out that way. It is 1/2 a day for kailie and Tara buys her lunch today, so it wasn't the lunches. I think it started when kailie said she wanted cereal, and then after she seen me cooking eggs she also wanted eggs. So there she sits at the table at 7:00 am eating her cereal and her scrambled eggs. 7:20 there she still sets. 7:30 I tell her that she should start getting ready. (Remember that the bus now comes at 7:45. So I say to Tara " I have to go to work now, do you know what time the bus comes?" No. " Ok Tara the bus comes at 7:45 but you should be out before that, so just to confirm, where is the big hand at 7:45" she replies "on the 11"? (You know how it went after that)... so to sum up the morning, I’m going out the door at 7:45 (I’m late) Tara is right behind me. The bus sees us at the door and is parked at the end of the driveway waiting. I look in at Kailie and she is standing at the top of the stairs with her shirt, pants and sock! No coat on. No boots on! No mitts or hat! " Kailie get you ass in gear, the bus it waiting" "Dad I don't even have a jacket on" "I don't care Kay you need to get out now!!! So she throws on the boot's (one is only 1/2 on and is running down the driveway holding her jacket hollering I don't even have my jacket on.... I'm hollering back " I don't care just get on the bus". Any way, she got on the bus. God I missed you this morning.
I walk into work with a customer waiting for me, Jerry tells me I’m late! OMG, I hate being late.
I told Tara and Kailie to get their homework done early tonight because we are going to study the hands on the clock and what the mean to us. Anyhow, if it weren’t that it would be something else. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. ttyl
Love ya

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Back to School!!

As you can see, by the the picture, we are off to a much better start this morning then yesterday morning. Same picture, different day. By the way, i got this off the weather network. I didn't sneak down to the light house each day as you probably already guessed.
So School is back in today, after a much not needed snow day! I think Kailie was trying to step up this morning and take you place a bit. Let me demonstrate:
  • Kailie- "Dad you were supposed to get me up as soon as your alarm went off. did you"?
  • Dad- "yes Kailie I did, I hollered out my bedroom door for you to get up"
  • Kailie- " did you even get dressed first"?
  • Dad- " No Kay, I called you right away"
  • Kailie- " good "
so in the mean time I go to the bath room, and in storms Kailie
  • Kailie- " I need to put antiseptic on my earrings"
  • Dad- " Kay, I don't have anything to do with earrings, you know that" ( its a long story)
  • Kailie- " Well moms not hear so you DO have something to do with earring" ( she almost had her hand on her hip and waving her finger).
kailie leaves the bath room and goes to the kitchen. I follow a couple minutes later. I see that she is pouring a bown of cerial.
  • Kailie-"I hope you don't think you are having corn pops, cause I'm having the last of them"
  • Dad- " no you go ahead, I'll have Cheerios"
  • Kailie " Good!"
so that's just a little bit of how the morning went. It got better though. she just needed to wake up. She actually wasn't being nasty, it was more funny than anything. Anyway, let me know how your night went.
Love ya,

Monday, January 8, 2007

Snow Day

So this is what Fredericton looks like today. Crazy weather. It was like 13 degrees yesterday and today is -1 and snowing. It's supposed to start raining tonight though and go back up into the pluses.
The kids were really excited about the snow coming, and they were both up this morning, even when they knew school was cancelled.
The roads were really bad today. Actually I forgot to tell you about how bad they were on Friday morning. ( they were all clear by the time I went to town though). The roads were like Ice. cars off the road everywhere, Dad went home early morning from work. It was said that 2 cars went in the river in Maugerville. (nothing confirmed on that yet) Kathy put her truck off the road by their house in Kingsclear. She went up the guard rail and the truck was hanging over, Jerry came along and got her out. After he got her out, the truck went over the guard rail and down the ditch towards the river, but it avoided the river and turned around. they just had to hook on to it and take it to Arthur's for repair.
Oh yea, I need to try to get apt with the bank soon, did you find me the info that I needed. ( last pay of year and prob. sin#) I should really get that ball on the road
I'll probably look at the possibility of taking the kids to Crabbe mountain in the next couple of weeks. we will probably just go some evening. they have been really bugging me about going. It wouldn't hurt to get a bit active I guess. I would love to see kailie take on the bigger hills this year.. It would be really nice if the family trail was open, because it is really slow like the bunny hill, and she would be able to experience the chair lift. God I hope it's not busy though. The Chair lift is so stressful. Trying to get all lined up to get on it ( all three of us at the same time) I just think it would be so nice to get on the lift without having to stop it:).
So fill me in on your drive to work, and let me know how your day went.
Love ya

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Rainy Day

Hello Dear,

Well this blogging stuff is really hard to keep up with. I had quite a busy day today. here is a briefing of how it went:

got up about 10.00, because your sister called to check on me. Come down stairs and talk to you a bit on the computer.

Get ready to go pick up the girls. from their sleep over. McKenzie's mom called for Kailie to have a sleep over tonight, but i explained that Kailie was having her cousin over for the night, so maybe another time.

picked up the girls early after noon. Came home for a bit, Tidied up a bit, did a little Laundry.

The kids went to the theater for 3:50, I dropped them off, and went over dads to help with their new computer. They pretty much had it all up and running. Still having problems with the web cam though.

picked up kids out side of Chapters at 6:60. Came home made 2 pizza's I almost ate one whole one myself.

We just got done watching a rental movie "Talledega Nights " it was really funny as you said it was. And like I said, you need to see Elizabeth town. ( you will cry)

I just signed on to see if you were on line but i guess you must still be out shoe shopping.

holly crap I'm getting tired, its 11:34 pm sat night. I think that I'll go to bed. Any way I'll talk to you latter tonight ( your time )

Let me know if you need anything.

Love Wes

Friday, January 5, 2007


hey Hon, tonight I am really a bachelor. your gone and so are the kids. Yep, over to uncle Gordies for a little party! But as you know, i could soon get a call to go in pick them up. Good God if the old girls kick when they are there, I know we'll have to put the kids in therapy!
all well you always say that therapy is good for every one?

you will be quite impressed with Dad and myself. I got over to dads and he had the computer apart and trying to install a new hard drive. It didn't fit though and he put it back together and it still all works. SOOOO, Linda gave me a 80 gig hard drive to install into our computer, so i came home and did the same thing. I took the sides and the top and the front off. and then took out the disk drive thinking that was the hard drive, but it Obviously wasn't. So i finally found the hard drive and took it out and unfortunately the new one doesn't fit our computer! Linda wanted me to install it into our computer, so when we got a new one she would be able to get this one. (I'll talk to you about the new one). any how you should be very proud because the computer is all back together and working well. I even cleaned it out

OMG it is really mild here today, but it cooled down in the evening. well not mild compared to where you are though as you can see:

Fredericton is currently. 7°C
Partly cloudy

Manila is currently. 29°C(84°F)
Partly cloudy

well we are both partly cloudy.

any how... gotta get to bed soon its 11:41. I love ya, stay safe. take lots of pictures, but don't look like a tourist. lol

Love ya

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bye Sue

Well today Sue left for her business trip to Manila Phillipines. We went to bed about 10:00 last night so we would be able to get up early and function at least 1/2 way normal for the day. We all got up about 4:00 am. after my father gave us our 4:00 wake up call!

Loaded up the Van and on the road by about 4:20. ( pretty impressive) Off to Tim's for our fix. and down the road we go. Tara and Kailie in the back playing their DS's. God I hate good byes, the are just so bad. So many emotions going through everyone. No one really wanting to say how they feel or maybe we don't even really know how we truly feel. I know that I am so proud of you Sue! I always tell you how smart you are. I would never take this opportunity away from you but at the same time I don't want you to go. I really know that you should go, and I'm truly glad you did. You may never got to experience a trip like this again.

You be careful, and safe. stay in close contact with home and we will do the same with you. If you need anything let us know. even though you are on the other side of the world, I'm still right by your side. We love you and support you


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

crinchy cronchy!

hi mom did u like what crinchy cronchy brought us?
i did i love crichy cronchy!! :) lol

new Blogger

hey , I'm on Blogger now, this is kinda neat. this will be great for us to send back and forth pics when Susan is Away..... oh shit!! I don't have a digital camera if she takes it with her!! i guess I'll have to look into that.

I wonder how you put pics on this site anyway??
OH, i guess that worked ( i posted pic)
Anyway I got this idea from Sue's scrapin buddies.